Yaras squad list for the Rugby Sevens World Cup!

The Brazilian Women’s Rugby Sevens Team is ready to fly on the weekend to South Africa, where they will compete in the Rugby Sevens World Cup, the second most important competition of the modality, behind only the Olympic Games.

The Yaras, as the team is known, will debut in the World Cup on Friday, September 9, against Ireland.
The Head Coach Will Broderick, English by birth, but who played for the Brazilian Men’s National Team, announced the squad list, with 12 athletes. The team captain is Luiza Campos, who has already played in two editions of the Olympic Games (2016 and 2020) and will now reach her third World Cup equaling Beatriz Futuro as the players who most often competed in the competition.

Half of the 2022 squad was in the 2018 World Cup. Bianca Silva (Brazil’s top scorer in the history of the World Cup, with 5 tries scored), Luiza Campos, Aline Furtado, Leila Silva and Marcelle Souza were in the tournament held in São Francisco (United States), when Brazil finished in 13th place. In addition to Luiza Campos, Aline Furtado, Leila Silva, Bianca Silva, Marina Fioravanti and Thalia Costa were at the Tokyo Olympic Games, totaling seven Olympic athletes on the team.
“Show the new Yaras, that’s our motto. We want a new way to fight on the field and a new way to connect with the community off the field,” said Will Broderick. “The selected players shows a squad in renewal, betting on athletes who are doing different things, seeking to build a very strong group on and off the field. The criteria were based both on and off the field,” he added.

Brazilian Team:
1. Mariana Nicolau – São José (SP)
2. Luiza Campos – Charrua (RS)
3. Larissa Alves – Curitiba (PR)
4. Leila Silva – Leoas (SP)
5. Thalia Costa – Delta (PI)
6. Isadora Lopes – Melina (MT)
7. Aline Furtado – USP (SP)
8. Marina Fioravanti – Band Saracens (SP)
9. Gabriela Lima – El Shaddai (RJ)
10. Andressa Alves – El Shaddai (RJ)
11. Bianca Silva – Leoas (SP)
12. Marcelle Souza – El Shaddai (RJ)

Head Coach: Will Broderick
Manager: Danniele Abreu
Ismael Arenhart – strength and conditioning coach
Beatriz Rodrigo – Physiotherapist